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Facilities for academic information and statistics
Technopark "Sarov"
Projects, funding, events RU / EN
Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Information server EN / RU
Association of German and Russian economists (dialog e.V.)
Association, events, regional groups, membership DE / RU
Information System "Science and Innovation"
Scholarships and foundations, internships, events, news, technology companies, scientists' forum RU
Russian UNiversity Network (RUNNet)
News, publications, information resources RU
Scientific and Technical Information Centre of the Russian Federation
Databases of unpublished sources of information  RU
Federal State Scientific Institution "Republican Research and Consulting Centre of Expertise" (FGBNU NII RINKZE)
Information materials: publications, documents, manuals RU
NanoBRIDGE - Bridging of the German and Russian Nanotechnology Excellence
News, events, funding programmes, internships, information on nanotechnology in Germany and Russia EN
Information Portal: Economics, Sociology, Management
Research and Analytics Centres RU
Regional Computer Network for Science, Education and Culture (ROKSON)
ROKSON member organisations EN / RU
Regional and University Science Network "RUSnet"
Structure of the RUSnet EN / RU
Interdisciplinary Science Server ""
Scientific organisations, foundations and information Websites RU
German-Russian Cooperation Network Biotechnology
Information on biotechnology in R&D, qualification courses, research partner matching, information sources, links DE / EN / RU
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Science Information
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